Green Up Your Space W/ Inspo From These Gorge Homegrown Tropical Paradises

tropical paradise
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

There’s definitely more than a few proven health benefits to having a garden of one’s own – even if it’s indoors. Surrounding yourself with plants – like so many plants your whole room takes on a rich green veneer – literally improves your wellbeing, so says research from RMIT University and University of Melbourne: five or more in a room relax and energise us, which in turn improves our mood, and concentration, helping us to be more productive.

On top of the mental health benefits, plant life can improve the air quality in a medium-sized room by up to 25 percent by adding one medium-sized plant into the space. Just ONE. Even you, notable lazy dude, can keep ONE plant alive. How do plants do that? Turns out they have superhero properties: they filter out particulate matter (air pollution) and other airborne toxins caused by the organic chemicals in stuff like paints and furniture finishes.

And sure, you could constantly be buying freshly cut flowers from a florist and putting them by your bedroom window, or just wearing fun palm-tree tiki shirts and thinking ‘Eh, that’ll do’ – or you could pull your green thumb out and start to cultivate a tropical paradise of your own. But where to begin? How do I seamlessly incorporate plants into my grungy sharehouse? And how do I find greenery that perfectly suits my ~vibe~/chiller aesthetic? Well that’s where Instagram inspo comes in, whether ‘Grammers are lining their windowsills with cacti, hanging philodendrons in their showers, lovingly pruning a flowerbox, getting down ‘n dirty in a veggie patch, or growing fresh herbs in the kitchen.

Let’s get right into it shall we?

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel grows seedlings in tiny watering cans. If that’s not #inspo I don’t know what is. It’s a heaps cute way to get more herbs into your life and meals, while also working as a cute table centrepiece.

Evi O

You gotta get some plants in your workplace to increase productivity. Got some floor space? Put ’em there, put ’em on your desk, put ’em everywhere until you have to peer at your computer screen through leaves.

Nat Buchanan

PEDESTRIAN.TV’s own Nat Buchanan knows that cacti and other plants can help make your home into a sanctuary:

Plants to me are foolproof and affordable solutions to feeling good. They can make a space Pinterest-worthy in seconds and really help get those creative juices flowing. Walking onto my balcony makes me feel like I can keep a little bit of nature in my back pocket, even when living in the city.

Gisele Bündchen

Ahh the humble herb garden/veggie patch: a tried and true way to incorporate more plants into your life. And don’t we all want to find a way to be like Bündchen?

Daniel Shipp

Plant Life Balance photographer Shipp brings plant life into the studio to provoke creativity and happiness, with both potted and hanging plants, an easy and arty way to srsly up your indoor plant quota.

Don’t know what PLB is? Well their app, encouraging y’all to think about your green-to-all-other-colours ratio, is probably the simplest way to begin your budding gardening career.

Michael Chiem

Bartender Chiem grows his own fruit ‘n herbs at home – definitely a good way both to incorporate fresh produce into cooking and cocktails, and to add a little extra greenery to your yard or kitchen.

Brad Canning

Canning spruces his space up with heaps of leafy pot plants in his living room and hallways – even keeping some in the kitchen and on the stairs. The dude practically lives in a rainforest, ey?

Tien N

Check this succulent collection. If you’re wary of going all out too fast, starting off with some cacti on your windowsills and shelves is a low-key, low-maintenance way to go.

Holly Ringland

Ringland grows flowers and keeps succulents on her verandah, which contribute to her creativity: she even wrote a novel that heavily features Australia’s native wildflowers, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.

Get started on your gardenin’ journey HERE, with the best lifestyle app out, as dubbed by the Webby Awards, Plant Life Balance. The app, informed by all the research we dove into earlier, asks Aussies to rate their space, then improve their health score by choosing a new lewkk for their room or outdoor area, grabbing a plant list and hitting the nursery. They created the 11 lewkks with help from Georgina Reid of The Planthunter to motivate y’all to increase your greening in your backyard, courtyard and indoors. My thumb’s turning green just thinkin’ about it.