Frank Green Dropped A Cup Holder For Yr Emotional Support Water Bottle & I Bet Bunnings Is Stoked

Photo of Frank Green car cup holder expander in a car with a purple water bottle inside it and Nicole Kidman holding a pink and purple Frank Green water bottle in both hands with her mouth open shocked

Frank Green girls, gays and theys rejoice for the folks behind the most emotionally supportive water bottle in the world have released a car cup holder expander. That’s right! You no longer need to jam a piece of PVC from Bunnings into your whip’s cup holder to chauffeur your drinking vessel.

I’d like to imagine that plumbers across the country are breathing a sigh of relief as big as a one-litre Frank Green water bottle RN.

In saying that, this is a story which features both good and bad news. Let’s start on a positive note, shall we?

Launched on Thursday morning, the car cup holder expanders are made from 100 per cent silicone and come in six pretty, nay aesthetic colours. Because you should be able to match your Frank Green water bottle to the wee vehicular home it’s being transported in, of course.

I don’t even own a Frank Green water bottle (scandalous, I know! If Frank Green is reading this, maybe help a girl out … haha … unless?) but the cup holders are so gosh darn adorable I might need to indulge.

This is where devastating news comes in, however: the silicone bad boys (teehee) sold out in less than an hour. Thoughts, feelings and commiserations.

According to the company’s website, the car cup holder expanders will be back in the next few weeks. There is a fluorescent light at the end of the tunnel, after all.

@frankgreen_official We heard you loud and clear 😅 we’ve got something super exciting in the pipeline 😍 Our NEW Car Cup Holder Expander is coming soon! Plumbers you can have your pipes back 👨‍🔧 Sign up to frank friends to be notified when it lands. #frankgreen #cupholder ♬ original sound – PNAU

The car cup holder expanders have been designed specifically for the fat one-litre Frank Green water bottles and clock in at 114 x 75.8mm. Because every car is different, however, you’re going to want to make sure these dimensions suit whatever your car has going on.

As for the price, they’ll set you back $19.95. Sure, it’s mildly more expensive than the piece of Bunnings sewer pipe which had TikTok in a tizzy, but would you rather something which is designed to go near a loo, or a cute ‘lil piece of silicone which perfectly matches your water bottle?

I thought so.