Tell Us Why Your Dumpster Of A Bedroom Needs A Zhuzh & We Might Sling You A $7K Makeover

Emma Sleep

We spend at LEAST a third of our lives in bed (and a LOT more of it if you’re like me and need some serious me-time in a crowded sharehouse). So why is it that we often don’t give our boudoirs the love and spruce they deserve?

Chances are, your bedroom is a hodge-podge of street-side furniture, second-hand clothing racks and, most shockingly, sub-par bedding. Your poor body!

But, in the immortal words of a novel I read back in 2017 (and barely remember the plot of but have positioned artfully on my bedside table purely because of its Jenny Holzer-like title), “You Don’t Have To Live Like This”.

Deliver yourself from sad surroundings! Treat yourself like royalty! Throw out that mattress topper your mum gave you when you turned 18! Enter Emma Sleep, the German sleep company that knows a thing or two about melding style and science to ensure your bedroom is as enticing as ever. Ahead of its massive up to 55% off sales spanning this Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas (yes, it’s time to think about Christmas), Emma is giving away three Bedroom Makeovers, valued up to $7,105 each.

Each makeover includes Emma’s Diamond Hybrid Mattress, the recent winner of the Design Excellence Award 2022 (Good Design Awards) and voted Product of the Year 2023 (Product of the Year Awards) — after all, it’s created by top-notch German engineers, taking neuroscientist learnings on board to ensure a dreamy sleep.

Best of all, you can even pick whether you want a Double, Queen or — while we’d all love to sleep like a King, sometimes that’s a little too OTT for our sharehouse rooms, right?

But an A-class mattress deserves the accessories and frame to match. That’s why Emma’s chucking in its Signature Bed – a sleek, Scandi-minimal frame that’ll look great in any room.  Plus, it’s adding a Flip Topper, two Cloud Hybrid Pillows, an All-Seasons Duvet, a Mattress Protector and a $300 voucher to spend on bed sheets, so you can add a little colour and personality to your room.

Sound good? All you gotta do for a chance to win is tell us why your bedroom needs a makeover in 25 words or less. No, you’re not dreaming – enter below, but hurry — the competition ends December 15.

Of course, you could always take advantage of Emma’s massive sales this Black Friday, Cyber Monday and holiday season and nab up to 55% off their range — for starters, that’s $1687.05 off the Diamond Hybrid Mattress alone.

WIN: A Bedroom Makeover Worth $6k+