Kmart Sofas Are On Sale RN For As Low As $29 If You’re Looking To Impulse Buy Some Home Decor

Ah lockdown – a time of home-style baking, endless depression spirals, and impulsive Kmart buys to heal your lonely heart. Or at least, that’s how my lockdown is going anyway.

As a self-proclaimed budget homeware queen, I have spent every spare waking moment trawling endlessly through home decor sites online to find cheap buys to make my apartment feel less like a prison and more like a sanctuary. Because at this point if I can’t leave, I may as well make it a place I want to stay in, right?

This quest to find the best online buys has, of course, led me to the beloved Kmart, the favourite of all broke but stylish home decor fiends.

And what did I find on my seventh Kmart stalk of the week, you may ask? Well, a sofa that is so dirt fucking cheap I am considering impulse buying it without even measuring my room to see if it’ll fit. Which for me is a big deal.

kmart $29 couch
Image: Kmart

That’s right folks – this little sofa is on sale for $29. Like, this costs less than my Uber Eats last night. It’s all I can think about, and I just want buy this and either pop it on my balcony or as a little guest spot in my study because just?? I love a good bargain and have no impulse control.

That’s not the only sofa on sale at Kmart either.

There’s this baby, that’s only $49 (down from $199)!!!

kmart $49 sofa
Image: Kmart

And there’s this sofa too, which went down from $269 to just $69 hehehe.

kmart $69 couch
Image: Kmart

There’s also a big three-seater Kmart couch for just $99 (to put it in perspective, I’ve seen similar couches go for $1000), but it’s currently sold out online. Fair enough.

These Kmart sofas are all clearance, and with these ridiculously cheap prices, I doubt they’ll be there for long – but just an FYI, they’re online only, and the shipping fee is nothing to laugh out (I found out the hard way). BUT, even with shipping fees, these are still a steal.

Honestly, who knew all my hours of almost-online shopping would come in handy? Once I start a budget queen home decor TikTok account, it’s over for you heaux (and your bank accounts).