This Aussie Online Flower Delivery Site Is Like Deliveroo But For Bouquets

Does anyone NOT like receiving a bouquet of (nice, not servo-style) flowers? I think I can firmly say that everyone loves the shit out of it, unless they’re allergic to pollen in which case sending ’em a bunch might kill them. That wouldn’t be fun.

For everyone NOT allergic to flowers, they’re the go-to gift for when you’re a) apologising for being a knobhead b) want to wish someone happy bday or c) want to let someone know you’re thinking about them or sending your congrats. It’s easy, it’s pretty much foolproof and it really can brighten someone’s day.

Up until now we’ve had to suss out individual florists to go through when it comes to sending a bunch to a pal. This can be annoying – do they do bunches you like? Are they pricey as hell? Lots of elements have to align and given flowers are usually a gift that’s given last-minute (admit it), you often don’t have time to deep dive.

That’s where new service Bag A Bouquet comes in. They’re marketing themselves as Foodora for flowers”, and basically they offer a platform for local florists to list their wares, so you can compare all at once, then book via their site. Simple pimple.

How it works is – you pop your postcode in, (or the postcode of whoever you wanna send to) and then a whole range of bouquets will pop up, each connected to a local business. You can filter by price point and size, too.

They also do edible gifts like this cuuuuute box of choccies.

It’s insane that no one’s thought of this before – but here we are, folks. Kick yourself in the pants for not coming up with this killer concept.