Life is full of ups and downs, but sometimes those downs can be really brutal. When bad shit happens to our friends and loved ones, it can be hard to know what to say or do support-wise. While sending gifts isn’t always an option financially, when it is it can be a really nice way to add some light to someone’s dark day.

So what’s available in Australia that you can send? Flowers aren’t for everyone (and can be a bit exxy), so we rounded up a bunch of other options for you.


Plant One On Me, $65

Little Succers sell teeny cacti and succulent plants that you can send same-day. They range from this cute love heart cactus above, to sweet build-your-own terrarium bars for $20. A great gift for when flowers works but the person isn’t a flower type.


Little Flowers, from $35

Send a small or big bunch of blooms without the fuss of deciding what flowers to put in them – Little Flowers make a standard bunch per day, but they’re always trend-driven and chic, so you don’t have to get bogged down in the details.


Brewquet, $34.99

Some people are just beer people, and Brewquets really nailed the gift for those types. Their cute 3-pack bundles of craft beer are affordable and still nicely packaged, so they feel like the luxe version of buying someone a 6-pack.


Edible Blooms Dozen Choc-Dipped Strawberries, $55

These guys made their name for their bunches of “flowers” – aka chocolates on sticks. But they do everything from those to boxes of choc-dipped strawbs, for your sweet-tooth mates.


The Baked Box Small Box, $48

8 handcrafted cookies delivered in a box – the perfect gift, IMO.


LVLY Quiet Time, $74

These guys have nailed the gifting thing – they do everything from flower jars to candles, to this relaxation pack – it’s got organic tea, milk choc and a candle, all you need to chill out.


Cupcake Central Babycakes, $2.80 per cake

Not sure what to send someone? How about a bunch of teeny adorable cupcakes?


Ox Rabbit Brownie Box, $45 for 6

Who doesn’t like brownies. Well, maybe people allergic to chocolate or whatever else may go into them, but if they’re not… this is a really nice gift.


Daily Blooms, from $35

Like Little Flowers, Daily Blooms make daily bouquets to take the confusion out of ordering a bunch for someone. They vary in sizes, and deliver in Sydney and Melbourne.

Image: Little Succers