It is day 97dhfu38271 of lockdown in Melbourne and I am beyond over it. Sometimes I wake up feeling positive, sometimes I wake up and scream, ’tis the vicious lockdown cycle. But last week, my pals in the PEDESTRIAN.TV Sydney office sent us Melbourne folk DIY succulent packs. The succulent came in a little kit with decorative pebbles and this tiny spade for all the soil. Putting it together ruled, it just did. It was the first “new” thing I had done in a fortnight and I really, really appreciated it. So in the spirit of spreading some love and good vibes, here are some gifts you can get your mates in lockdown.

Little Succers

This is what I was talking about just before! You can treat your loved ones to Build Your Own Terrarium kits of all sizes or adorable succulents.

Little Succers will send your mate everything they need to put their lil’ bb together. All you have to do is pick the little succer.

Miss Trixie

Sometimes, you just need a thick slice of cake. Enter, Miss Trixie. The Melbourne-based sugary queen has been pumping out punny lockdown cakes in quarantine, and they just look so, so delightful.

Miss Trixie, created by Alice Bennett, accepts orders via her website. Make sure to ask for her cupcakes or other sugary treats if a whole-ass cake is a bit too much for your loved one.

I personally relate to the “Bearly Coping” cake the most.

Sweet Treats by I’m Plattered

Continuing the theme of “I want to eat my emotions”, Sweet Treats by I’m Plattered sell boxes of Nutella stuffed cookies, doughnuts, and rocky road.

Swipe away to see all the rocky road flavours.

I need all of these in my life, far out.

Good Day People

If you simply suck at presents, give Good Day People a go. The gift-giving company has put together a slew of luxe packages filled with booze, fancy chocolate, homewares, accessories, and more booze.

Good Day People recently launched the Loveable Luisa package, which includes luxe chocolate, Bottl(ed) Negroni, two cans of Love Gin & Tonic, flavoured cashews, and very fancy crackers. The best part? This particular kit supports our hospitality industry too.

Journey of Something

This isn’t a care package in the traditional sense, but it is a box full of… PUZZLE PIECES. I bloody love a good puzzle.

Puzzle Post

Puzzle Post Australia offer monthly subscription services, which you can gift friends. I say monthly, because I don’t know how much longer we’re going to be in lockdown for. HahAHAHhAhahah.

Anywho, the team don’t just ship out puzzles, they also offer Funko Pop! subscriptions too. I love those little buggers! Surprise Funko in the mail? HECK YEAH.


This very pretty ceramics studio in Melbourne delivers home clay and tool kits.

From $65, the Céramiques tool kit comes with everything you need to create your own little clay masterpiece in iso. Delivery is free across Victoria, so this is a perfect choice for your arty mates in lockdown.

The kit comes with 10kg of hand-building clay, which sounds like a lot. The possibilities? They’re endless.

Flox Botanical

FLOX is basically a DIY flower bouquet flat pack. The team selects freshly cut flowers from local Melbourne sources, hand-pack it into a box, and ship it straight to your door. I got this for my mum for Mother’s Day and for my bestie during lockdown 1.0, and they both absolutely loved it.

It’s just a really nice creative and calming exercise.

The type of flowers will depend on the season, but the FLOX team has impeccable taste. Just suss out their Instagram if you don’t believe me.

Hello Botanical

Hello Botanical has whipped up a couple of self-care packages, especially made for lockdown. They’re a bit on the $$$ end, but they look absolutely divine.

The Winter Warmer Self Isolation / Self Care Package (from $139) includes three Hey Tiger full-sized chocolate bars, an organic heat pillow by Salus, a hand rejuvenation set by Salus, and organic tea by Love Tea.

You can also add something extra if you really want to spoil your loved ones. Think aesthetically pleasing notebooks, candles, and handmade soaps.

Image: Instagram / @misstrixiedrinkstea, Instagram / @littlesuccers