10 Local Businesses That Deserve Your Love & Attention This Festive Season

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I don’t know about you lot, but I am either one of two people leading up to Christmas. I am a) the person who plans their gifts way ahead or b) last minute as hell. There is no in-between. So, if you’re trying to avoid getting your loved ones a random pair of funny thongs for Chrissy – I PANICKED – here’s a bunch of gift ideas from local businesses across the country to get you started.


These candles from Silkière keep popping up on my explore page on Instagram, and I am simply in love.

The naked torso candles are handmade with love and soy wax, and come in a slew of different sizes, colours, and scents.

You can also shop shells and shroom candles, or the Statue of David candle. They’re all stunning, to be honest, but the torso candles are such a fabulous celebration of the body.

Lowanna Natural Skin Care

Lowanna skin care is an Indigenous-owned and Australian made natural skincare. It’s vegan and cruelty-free too, which you bloody love to see.

Think: a green clay exfoliating mask, toning mist, and the heaps popular Everyday Moisturiser and Everyday Cleanser.

“We use ingredients that Indigenous Australians have been using for centuries, like Kakadu plum, ylang ylang flowers and lemon myrtle,” founder Sinead Vandenbroek told PEDESTRIAN.TV earlier this year.

Butler & Bel

Got a hankering for sterling silver jewellery? ‘Cos I do. Consider me obsessed. I’ve been going through a ring phase for years now, and I always, always, always find myself coming back to Butler & Bel.

I literally have four (well, five – I just ordered another one) B&B rings. I wear them everywhere, they just feel very Melbourne, and that’s what I love about them.

Butler & Bel doesn’t just sell rings though, you can also find earrings, necklaces, and dog tags.


Stag Supply

This Aussie brand is all about beard, hair, and skincare. While I don’t know much about beards, my partner does – it was his iso obsession – and he really likes Stag Supply.

I can also confirm the beard oil smells positively delightful, it’s a blend of cedarwood, cypress needles, rosemary, and just a touch of eucalyptus.

There’s a Christmas one too.

Meltdown Artisan

Meltdown Artisan is cool as hell, enough said.

I also feel like fancy chocolate is a divine Christmas gift for loved ones, especially when you know just how much work goes into the product.

Look at this.

Yippy Whippy

Designed by Brissy artist Nicole, Yippy Whippy jewellery is all about fun, colour, and unleashing your inner child.

There’s apparel too, so it’s the whole kit and caboodle.

There’s Animal Crossing: New Horizon earrings, emoji earrings, and just about everything between.

The earrings are just so much fun!

Little Succers

We’ve mentioned Little Succers before, but we’re about to do it again because it absolutely rules!

Instead of gifting flowers, Little Succers gives your plant-obsessed loved ones a succulent… or two, or three, or four.

For Christmas, Little Succers has put together a DIY Succulent Wreath kit for $100, or you can pre-order a ready-made one for $225.

If the wreaths are a bit out of your budget, you can grab some single succulents instead. The team also stock DIY terrarium kits that come complete with everything you need.

Golden Tales

I just – I mean, look at this adorable pup and his widdle bow tie.

Golden Tales is dog accessory heaven, if you’re looking for patterned collars, leads, bandanas, and big bows. The collars also come with rose gold and gold hardware – like real chic stuff.

Golden Tales has Christmas themed accessories too, no stress.

Boss and Boo

If your pooch needs a new harness as well, check out Boss and Boo.


These harnesses come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns. Boss and Boo also stock bandanas, collars, hair bows, charms, and waterproof gear as well.


Emma Hollingsworth, or @mulganai on Instagram, is an Indigenous artist based in Brissy.

Hollingsworth’s art is so bright and stunning, I always find myself smiling after seeing her work pop up on my feed.

Hello, I love all of these.


Hollingsworth is currently taking part in Black Friday sales. Her sale ends tonight though, so you’ve got to be quick.