New Service ‘Brewquets’ Is Here To Get You Drunk On Love But Mostly Beer

Flowers. They’re not for everyone.

Some people aren’t as emotionally attached to them as others. Some people rock wicked allergies. Some people just flat-out don’t like them.
The problem is that a bouquet of flowers is a time-honoured way of showing your special someone a little extra love. Why should everyone miss out on that giddy feeling and bashfulness just because they don’t fuck with garden murder?
Fear not! Thanks to one particularly smart idea, there’s now a new way to get your beloved drunk on love by also getting them drunk on beer.
Brewquets (come on, there’s few things better than a good pun business name) eschews the traditional flora of the gift of flowers in favour of sending the one you love a gorgeous assortment of ice cold froth monsters.
For a surprisingly reasonable fee, the company will place three craft Denzel Frothingtons in a pleasing assortment, complete with a card and personalised note, and deliver them to the work desk of a certain someone who’s about to get school night sloshed.
The idea of sending some Froth Whitlams in the name of love was borne from the idea to shift the idea of gifts away from more stereotypically feminine products, according to company founder Anna Jackson.

“The online gifting market has women covered. Flowers, champagne, chocolate-

covered strawberries, you name it, there’s a gazillion choices.”

“More masculine gifts on the hand…the options aren’t so great. Who really

wants to send a cellophane-clad hamper these days?”

“For my own sake, I wanted something thoughtful I could send my friends,

colleagues, husband. I wanted it to be good value, but still premium enough to feel

like a special gift.”

“If I can get a guy to react the same way a woman does when flowers are delivered

to her desk, you know, feign embarrassment – but deep down feel chuffed – then I’ve

done my work. I’ve made someone’s day.”

Delivery is only available in inner Sydney for the time being, but the Eli Froths will be at your boo’s desk or door the same day you order them.

Seriously, send me a bunch of beers and I will love you forever.
Someone. Anyone. Come on.
Get at it via the Brewquets website.

Source: Brewquets.
Photo: Supplied.