Let me tell you, folks, it’s quite the day to be mad online. Why? Because some fucking geniuses decided that the new trend in minimalism was books turned backwards, and are obviously insane.

The idea of making your books as hard to identify as goddamn possible has been floating around for several years at least, but we seem to be reaching critical mass.

in the mood for a good book • what shall it be?

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The idea seems to be some kind of calming interior trend, but it’s having the opposite effect of making everyone mad. It’s not hard to see why. Books? Backwards???? Why even OWN books if you cannot gaze lovingly at their spines, able to select a tome at a moment’s notice?

Flavorwire, a website I’d never heard of before this, picked up the yarn yesterday, and people are having some STRONG reactions, let me tell you. The term “serial killers” was thrown around, I shit you not.

Personally, I can’t imagine anything more anxiety inducing on a book-shelf than the constant not knowing of which book is which. Is it the dog-eared copy of The Secret History? Or the trash (and not even GOOD trash) your aunt gave you three years ago and now you feel too guilty to dump? Not that I’m shaaaaaming anyone for their book choices, or anything. Live and let live. Read and let read.

This might be the dumbest interiors trend since everyone started serving meals on wooden boards, but you can’t deny something: it’s like, really pretty.

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