Buffy Creator Making Comic-Con Doco


This just in: Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock are joining forces to create a documentary about this year’s Comic-Con – the annual event that showcases comic books and all related pop culture elements, also known as Massive Geek Convention.

Long before R-Pats sprouted fangs, Joss Whedon was the guy to first get the vampire trend raging in mainstream popular culture courtesy of his movie and massively popular spin-off tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which still has an enormous cult following (and if you don’t believe me just head to fanfiction.com… Shit gets creepy real quick). With his first-hand insight and access into the inner-machinations of the complex Comic-Con world, combined with the documentary-making know how of Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock and the insane world of comic-obsessed nerds, the results should make for some seriously engrossing shit.

Stay tuned…

Via Fused Film