These Are Australia’s Best Homes For 2017 & Pls Give Us This ‘Tent House’

This week, Canberra held the National Architecture Awards in Australia, with 35 of the 72 entries taking out awards for everything from the most outstanding renovations, to completely new homes.

But it’s the People’s Choice Award that’s really got us (architecturally) going – because it looks like maybe, just maybe, us young folk might actually be able to afford it.

Plus, it’s literally called ‘Tent House‘, and it’s by Sparks Architects.


Seriously, look at the inside. Ignore the annoying family in the shots – obviously if we owned this we’d be using that sick deck for insane house parties.


Surely that’ll go for only… one, two milli? Come onnn guys, chuck us a bone.

Another good one? The Cape Tribulation House from m3architecture, which honestly I’m going to save my pennies for so I can build my dream (non-murdery) commune there.

“Relaxed pavilions accommodate multiple sleeping arrangements — living spaces serve as a makeshift campsite, and couple rooms transform into bunk rooms,” the m3architecture website explains. So… a commune house then.

Other goodies that go beyond the “we could afford this” line is this beauty of a room titled ‘Indigo Slam‘, that won the Emil Sodersten Award for Interior Design.

And this cool as hell slopey guy, ‘Coogee House‘.

You can check out all the winners on the NAA site here.