WATCH: Gain Life & Spirit From Christopher Walken Jazzercising

He might be 72, but does that stop veritable icon Christopher Walken walk’n? No, it does not.
He also excels at run’n. And dance’n. And box’n, as showcased in a brill new ad campaign by our very own Qantas to spruik its new, National Heart Foundation-approved health insurance wellness program.
The Hollywood star plays on his Grade-A name to encourage the airline’s Frequent Flyers to earn points / other rewards by shaking their shit as a member of Qantas Assure.
A voiceover rumbles: “Here’s Christopher… Walk’n,” Christopher… Run’n. Christopher… ‘Climb’n.” And on it goes, culminating in a nifty jazz-style dance routine.
The campaign’s gonna roll out across TV, cinema, airports, outdoor and online but you can watch it riiiiiiiight here:
It’s sick how much we love that man.
Source and photo: Mumbrella.