WATCH: Kevin Spacey Resurrects His A+ Chris Walken Impression On ‘Fallon’

Kevin Spacey has made a living – scratch that, a damn fine career – from playing the most chilling sociopaths Hollywood can cook up. 

Seriously, his filmography is a blow-by-blow list of some of the worst dudes created in the past two decades. Seven. The Usual Suspects. Bloody hell, he even plays a cold AI in Moon. 

With his knack for playing the most callous and ruthless individuals ever encountered, it only makes sense to plonk him alongside human fun-machine Jimmy Fallon and have him act out scripts devised by actual children, right? Right? 

Right. Riffing on another one of Spacey’s go-to dudes Frank Underwood, the scripts centre around literal houses of cards. Not on the script: the need to unleash his unreal Christopher Walken impression. 

But we are all better for it, even if little Angus “doesn’t get” him. Watch and learn:

Source: Youtube.