TOM Organic’s New Reusable Period Cup Comes With A Nifty Microwaveable Sterilising Container

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The period cup isn’t a new invention, but while the reusable, sustainable alternative to tampons and pads has been around for a while, often people find them a bit, well, gross. Which is exactly why TOM Organic have entered the fray with a period cup that comes with its own sterilising container.

Basically, some period cups require you to boil your used cup on the stove. Which, if you’re comfortable doing so, is completely fine – whatever, its your bodily fluid and it’s a totally natural thing! But some folks found using a pot you cook with to sterilise something that went into your body a bit weird – also fine. Maybe you have housemates and don’t love boiling your period cup on the stove as they mooch around the kitchen!

If the latter was you, the new period cup TOM Organic have just released is up your alley. It comes with its own sterilising container, which you basically chuck in the microwave for 30 seconds to remove 99.9% of bacteria – genius.

It also means you have a lil storage container for your cup if you need to take it away with you, and somewhere to put it when you’re not using it. Plus, it’s a cute pastel peach! I’m such a sucker for chic colourways, even when it’s just a thing that’s going into my body and won’t be seen by me, lol.

The period cup is made of medical grade silicone, and features these little grippy bits to make it easy to remove and insert, something I’ve often struggled with in the past. The container is also made of medical grade, recyclable plastic.

You can wear the TOM Organic period cup for up to eight hours, and comes in size 1 for regular and size 2, which is super. It’s $40 and it’s available now.