‘Space Grocery List’ Unpacks What Astronauts Gorge On In Zero Gravity

Becoming an astronaut is a childhood dream for many of us. Or at least it was, before the year 2013 rolled around and unforgivingly unleashed Gravity upon us.
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Shattered dream aside, your friendly neighbourhood space cadets over at The American Institute of Aeronautics have given us earth-walkers a taste of what astronauts eat in space, with their revealing ‘Space Grocery List‘.

The list, compiled by NASA-JSC Food Lab, features some classic ‘Murican fare that makes us think ‘Deep Space Homer’ wasn’t so unlikely after all.
Whoppers (basically the US version of Maltesers), beef jerky and both Plain and Peanut M&M’s are among some of the vacuum packed goodies the cosmonauts indulge in whilst in orbit.
Supposedly, the M&M’s are a crowd favourite ’cause their hard candy shell make them unlikely to crumble and permeate the air. Probably helps that they’re fucking delish, too.
Lover of all things brunch? You’d be in luck, as breakfast burritos are on the menu too. Tortillas are a substitute for bread, but before you scream ‘¿por qué no los dos?’, it’s for a good reason. Anyone who has had the pleasure of leaving a sandwich in their lunchbox over the holidays knows bread doesn’t fare too well over time. 
NASA first heat treats the tortillas to remove any bacteria that could cause moulding. They’re then haul-arsed into packages that keep them oxygen-free and delicious for at least 18 months.
Garnishing your scarce supply of tomatoes with a bit of salt and pepper is a big no-no in space, for obvious reasons. Instead, the astronauts use small squeeze bottles, with the condiment mixed in with water. Tasty.
Of course, our mates in space get their fair share of healthy, well-rounded meals too. But it’s nice to know they’re as into peanut-butter sandwiches as we are: