So Apparently Astronaut Scott Kelly Grew 5cm During His Year In Space

As we said earlier this week, Instagram account-holding lovers of space were devastated this week to lose the imagery of NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who touched down from his year in space aboard the International Space Station

Kelly was part of the ‘Year in Space’ experiment, which tests the impact of long-term stays in space on the human body. 
And apparently, it’s affected him pretty hugely – according to ABC, Kelly has grown a whole 5cm while on the ISS. 
A NASA spokesman said that it’s quite normal for astronauts to get taller because their spine elongates, and that he might return back to his normal height once he’s been back on Earth for a while. 
There’s been no other health concerns reported so far. 
In the meantime, please enjoy this video of Kelly happily being pushed by gravity into a pool:

Source: ABC.
Photo: Twitter / @stationcdrkelly.