I’m a big believer of being cruel to be kind, and I absolutely challenge you to say that without breaking out in song – preferably the Letters To Cleo version from 10 Things I Hate About You. But either way.

Harsh truths are sometimes the only way to move forward, especially if you’re the kinda person who turns your nose up at optimism, which is 11/10 absolutely not me. I love positivity and rainbows and sugarcoated truths.


That being said, here are some reads that spoke to my dark soul and, ironically enough, created some positive change in my life.


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There’s a reason this is perhaps the most talked about book of 2018. Who wants to give fucks? Not me! And what better way to learn that way of life than via an author who’s not only on-point but profane; conversational yet convincing. Thank you, Mark Manson.

I, personally, was hooked from beginning to end and loved the case studies like that of Ringo Starr‘s predecessor, Pete Best. How do you ever stop giving a fuck that someone replaced you and went on to make serious bank and worldwide fame? Read the book to find out, and then transfer that mentality to your own life.


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People out there are able to exist without empathy, and that’s something I tried to ignore for a long while. How can they not feel sad on the inside when something horrible happens to another? They can.

The sooner you can acknowledge that, the sooner you can manage the negativity those people bring to your life. Taming Toxic People by David Gillespie can help you do this. It’ll help you turn your life around by taking control of those who want to see you fail, and it’s just really bloody informative too.


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I haven’t personally read this one, I’ll admit, but the recommendation from Feastively‘s Harry Sekhon is hard to ignore.

It initially came across as a punch to the face because it went against everything I had been taught so far. Everything I knew about achieving goals, becoming a better person and living a purposeful life went down the drain,” he explained of the Benjamin Hardy book.

Since reading he’s quit smoking, started a morning journal and made a series of small but impactful changes in his life (like using a particular chair in the aim of reading quicker) for increased productivity and motivation. “All of these changes have come about as a result of following through on that book,” he said.

Colour me intrigued.

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