Sasha Mielczarek Goes Full Bachie, Launches A Fitness Blog For Tradies

It was only a few weeks ago that Bachelor-born couple Sasha Mielczarek and Sam Frost called it quits.

After 18 months together, I can confirm that Sam and myself have come to a mutual decision to part ways. I respect Sam wholeheartedly and cherish our new found friendship. It is important to stress that there is no bitterness or scandal however the distance has been challenging at times. This is a very difficult time for the two of us and to be honest I’m absolutely heartbroken! Sammy, I think you are absolutely amazing, beautiful in every way and I wish you all the best in the future. I will be listening to your fantastic radio show and look forward to you killing the ratings in 2017. I want to thank everyone for their love and support over the past 18 months, you have all been amazing! Now get back to your holidays and enjoy time with family and friends! #chinup #timehealsallwounds

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But, in what can only be put down to steadfast dedication to the phrase “new year, new me,” Sash has taken to Instagram to announce an exciting new project: Fit Tradie.
It’s a fitness blog aimed at (you guessed it) tradies, and its ethos is “building a healthier industry.” 
The creation of the blog begets a question as old as time itself: 

Is it possible to appear on The Bachelor and not become a fitness entrepreneur?!

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No. It is not possible.
He elaborated on the announcement in a hashtag-laden Insta caption:
“Hi 5! Yes that’s right the moment you’ve all been waiting for – and no it’s not your leopard skin g-string you missed out on for Christmas! @chrisweir05 and myself want to introduce you to @fittradie! A blog full of gramatical errors where two Aussie fellas (didnt even mean to rhyme there but you’re welcome) will offer their perspectives on how to lead a healthy yet balanced lifestyle where smashing the odd ‘Chiko Roll’ or a can of froff (beer) is strongly encouraged. If you have a spare 5 minutes go to the link in my bio and have a ‘Captain Cook’ (look). If you like it share it with your friends and if you don’t tell a stranger so you can waste their time too ???? #FitTradie #getasliceofthemerchandise #alloveritlikeacheapsuit #construction #fitness #buildingshit #hashtag”
While the website has only one introductory post at time of writing, the ‘About’ section shows that Mielczarek’s growing muscles haven’t impaired his sense of humour.
“Let’s start by clarifying that Sash isn’t the guy from RBT or wheel of fortune but in fact the bloke who couldn’t find a girlfriend so had to go on national television to compete with 13 other punters.”

Who knows where this blog will take old mate… if the careers of ex-Bachies Tim Robards and Sam Wood are anything to go by, there’s a fair chance it’ll go swole swell.

Source: @sash1313 / Instagram.
Photo: @sash1313 / Instagram.