WATCH: Sam Frost Surprises Boo With A Puppy, Scores 1M Brownie Points

“On the first day of Christmas / 
My true love gave to me / 
A puppy for a Bachieeeeeee”

Australia’s sweethearts Sam Frost + Sasha Mielczarek + sweet ball of puppy fluff = the fucking cutest.
The couple is right this very minute enjoying first-time parenthood, after Frosty gave her numero uno a black Maltese Shih Tzu cross named Rocky as an early Christmas present.
Rocky, the Bachie dog 
He had no idea it was coming – it was all a big surprise, filmed for Frosty’s new radio show Rove & Sam – but pup ruined the Big Reveal with a bark that’ll hit you right in the gonads.
It didn’t matter though: Rocky was forgiven the second he licked Sasha’s face.
Like the true Aussie bloke he is, Sash’s response to Sam asking if he’s happy was short and sweet: “I’m stoked!”
#CoupleSlashLifeGoals etc etc.

Via Rove And Sam.