They pioneered the McChoco Potato. They invented the ingenious chocolate Singles. And now, Japan has unleashed a brand new food option to make you question everything you previously assumed was the truth. 

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The salad cake.

The low-carb, gluten-free cafes are set to be the main drawcard of a cafe called Vegedeco in Nagoya, opening tomorrow.

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In short, they’re the mutton dressed as lamb of the cake world.

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Whole veggies make up the bulk of the cakes, while the ‘sponge’ bit is made with natural ingredients like soybean flour. The stuff that looks like icing is either tofu or cream cheese, blended with veggies for a natural colouring.

A slice of the disappointing cake will set you back 735 yen (around $8.50). If you’re into that kinda stuff.

‘Salad Cake’ Now Exists In Japan, Because Enjoying Life Is Overrated


Photo: Vegedeco / Instagram.