Quick Workouts You Can Smash During Ad Breaks

I’d love to want something from life, and not also want the complete opposite at the same time. I mean, I’d like to have a boyfriend but be able to throw a few one night stands in the mix. Would also love to have a rig but still be able to smash Krispy Kremes. Pipe dreams.

Two things you can be at *almost* the same time, though, is lazy and fit.

Let’s consider the concept of the television ad break. Sure, it’s a way for garbage shows to monetise what they air while also being a convenient time to wee, but it’s also one-two minutes that can be spent exercising. For every hour show, there’s around 15 minutes of ad time all up. You really can have it all with this quick fix.

Below’s what you can get done in the comfort of your own lounge room.


How: If you’ve got a yoga mat, great. If not, a couch or even carpet should give you pretty decent support. Lie on your back with your arms along your sides, palms facing down. Press your legs together from ankle to inner thigh. Press into your hands and switch on your core as you raise your feet up over your hips, lift your hips up off the bed to raise your feet straight up toward the ceiling. Bring your hips back to the bed.

What it works: Lower abdominals and thighs.


How: Whether you lie on your back on the floor or sit angled on the couch, the reverse crunch is exactly what the name suggests: a reverse crunch. Instead of lifting your upper body off the ground and put unnecessary pressure on your back, instead bring your knees to just above your chest while contracting your soon-to-ripped abs,

What it works: Abs.


How: A normal squat jump in jumping up and then squatting down so that your ass is at the same height as your knees (if not lower). Now add a 180 twist into that where you’re facing a different wall every time you squat down. This adds another element of cardio to an exercise otherwise focused on strength.

What it works: Ass.


How: You know how you see that person waiting to cross at the lights but they wanna keep their heart rate up so they run on the spot? You are basically trying to be this person. To one-up them, though, you want to hold your hands palms down at yours hips, making sure your knees hit them every time.

What it works: Core, upper thighs, butt, calves.


How: Alrighty, sit on the edge of your couch with ya hands just outside your love handles. Make sure your fingers are facing forward. Now, lift your bod up and walk your feet out until your knees are directly above your heels. Bend those elbows ’bout 90 degrees, lowering your hips toward the floor. Then come up, extending elbows fully. REPEAT. Don’t let your love handles move away, you wanna keep your butt close/ parallel to the couch the whole time.

What it works: Triceps. (Translate: arm flab).

Next time your friend gets up you for ditching the gym in favour of The Bachelor?

Tell ’em to shove it.

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