Well, Shit: People Taking Ozempic For Weight Loss Are Reporting That A Side Effect Is Pooping The Bed

By now, you would have heard the buzz about Ozempic and Wegovy. They’re the diabetes-turned-weight-loss drugs taking Hollywood and the world by storm, despite their long list of side effects.

Recently we’ve seen a bunch of celebs shed kilos en masse, and while they often claim their slim physique is the result of whatever the fuck gym routine they’re doing, rumour has it that Ozempic or other semaglutide-containing drugs are their secret weapon.

But if you’re thinking that the use of these products for weight loss is problematic (it is) then I’d like to bring your attention to one little less talked about side effect: Ozempic and Wegovy are making users shit the bed.

You heard me.

There’s a chance the new flock of recently-skinny celebs are shitting the bed.

According to a Reddit thread that has more than 30,000 members, gastrointestinal issues are pretty damn common when using drugs which contain the appetite suppressant semaglutide.

“I quite literally shat myself while sleeping. That’s a first. Been a tough few days of diarrhea after my first semaglutide injection,” said one user.

Stunning and brave of them to post, TBH.

“I just feel so embarrassed being a grown adult who messed his pants!” a user admitted.

“I have the same issue every time I up the dose. Starts with sulphur burps then shitting myself by three AM,” wrote another.

And, trust me, these doo-doo-related comments go on.

In fact, a bunch of people experiencing the surprise excrement extravaganza have dubbed themselves part of the “shit the bed club“.

Although these side effects are not ~ideal~, they are prominently listed for any drug which contains semaglutide like Wegovy and Ozempic. These side effects also include belching, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting, excess gas, stomach pain, passing gas, and stomach discomfort.

But it turns out that shitting yourself at the drop of a hat is one of the more chill symptoms. According to the products’ official websites, more serious side effects include “possible thyroid tumours, including cancer” or an “inflamed pancreas”.

Fkn yikes.

To make matters worse, as semaglutide-containing drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy increased in popularity for weight loss online, it created a huge demand for the drug all over the world, severely impacting diabetics who are on the drug to control their blood sugar.

In late 2022, the Theraputic Goods Administration confirmed that Australia was feeling the effects of the shortage due to “an unexpected increase in demand due to off-label prescribing for weight loss”.

The thing is, Semaglutide can be an incredibly useful tool for those suffering from obesity, those at risk of obesity or diabetes. It’s incredible that there are medications that can give much-needed help to those with chronic conditions.

But when it comes to straight-sized celebrities and people wanting to enter their skinny era and creating a shortage for those who need it, I have an issue. Especially when public figures aren’t owning up to it, implying to their fans that they can achieve these physiques too.

We’ve come so far since the thin-worshipping culture of the early 2000s.

I’m worried that the misuse of drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy will see us falling right back where we were, wishing ourselves thin and doing anything — even shitting the bed — to make it happen.