9 Wild Moments From The New South Park Special About Ozempic: From Murderous Mums To Ear Shitting

South Park The End Of Obesity Ozempic Lizzo Ear Defecating

South Park’s latest special is finally here, and boy, it does not disappoint. South Park: The End of Obesity is a scathing commentary on both the broken American healthcare system and the diabetes drug Ozempic, which celebs have flocked to as a means of losing weight and suppressing their appetite. 

The amount of wild storylines throughout the special had me on the floor. There were murderous mums addicted to Ozempic, people being prescribed ‘Lizzo’ as a body-positivity drug, Big Cereal mascots waging war on Big Pharma, people defecating out of their ears (??) and we were blessed with another top-tier Kenny death. 

I’ve rounded up the nine wildest moments from South Park: The End of Obesity, to convince you to give it a crack. There are obviously spoilers below, so if you’re trying to avoid those, look away now. 

Cartman’s doctor prescribes him Lizzo

The episode begins with a doctor telling Cartman there’s a “miracle drug” made from semaglutides that can help get his weight under control. In true Cartman fashion, he’s more excited about being able to insult everybody without them being able to take a jab at his weight, rather than actually wanting to lose weight. 

After Mrs Cartman reveals they can’t afford the $1200 per month cost, the doctor simply prescribes Cartman an alternative… watching Lizzo videos. He’s sadly going to have to be on Lizzo for the rest of his life. As Cartman later tells his friends, “Rich people get Ozempic, poor people get body positivity.”

Randy accidentally gets addicted to Ozempic

Randy is furious when he sees his daughter Shelley wearing a crop top to school, so he puts one on himself when he picks her up. A bunch of rich, crop-top-wearing mums mistake Randy’s midriff display for an addiction to Ozempic, and he’s accidentally welcomed into the fold. He attends several Ozempic parties – similar to a Tupperware party of the ‘90s – where the group of mums enthusiastically jab themselves with Ozempic and talk about how Pilates and exercise are to thank for their sudden weight loss and rock-hard abs. 

South Park: The End of Obesity

Randy is in his hot girl era. (Image: Paramount+ Australia)

Navigating the American Healthcare System song 

Stan and Butters are determined to get Cartman access to the life-saving drugs he needs, so they go between the insurance headquarters, medical clinic and hospital approximately a thousand times. For a segment that’s about filling out forms, the catchy tune Trey Parker and Matt Stone came up with was pretty entertaining. Warning: you might have the song stuck in your head for a few days. 

Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters and Cartman start their own compounding pharmacy

Stan comes up with a wild idea to get Cartman affordable weight-loss shots by ordering semaglutides from a manufacturer in India. “Who needs hospitals and insurance when we have TikTok and YouTube?” he declares. So true Stan, so true. 

South Park: The End of Obesity

All you need is TikTok, YouTube, and a dream. (Image: Paramount+ Australia)

The drugs they make in their compounding pharmacy actually work – but they’re so effective, that they get held up by some crop-top mums, who are desperate to get their hands on more Ozempic. 

The ‘Lizzo’ drug commercial

In a spoof of terrible American drug commercials, the show made an advertisement for “Lizzo”, along with fake side effects. The drug is touted as being 90% cheaper than Ozempic, and focuses on “lowering your standards” and “your expectations”. The side effects of Lizzo include “pancreatitis, hypothermia, and literally sh*tting out of your ears”. Lizzo actually ended up responding to her mention in South Park: The End of Obesity, and she took it like a champ. 

Big Cereal schemes to take down Big Pharma

A group of evil smoking Cereal Mascots sitting around a boardroom trying to figure out how to eliminate Ozempic from the market is exactly the type of nonsense we expect from South Park. Seeing Cereal Mascots infiltrate a semaglutide processing plant in India and literally kill everyone was not where I expected the episode to go, yet at the same time, I wasn’t that surprised. 

South Park: The End of Obesity

This scene was genius. (Image: Paramount+ Australia)

Rich crop-top Ozempic mums hold up a pharmacy

After there’s a nationwide crackdown on the use of Ozempic because people are abusing the drugs, the crop-top Ozempic mums and Randy decide there’s only one thing they can do: steal them from a pharmacy. The group appear with guns in a pharmacy with face coverings, but make sure their abs are still on display. 

Ozempic mums and Cereal Mascots’ final showdown 

After the kids order an entire truck filled with semaglutides, crop-top mums and cereal mascots get wind of it. The gun-wielding crop-top mums kill the original truck driver, and Randy realises he’s in way over his head. He drives off, with the Ozempic mums hot on his heels. He picks up the four kids along the way and they try to escape in a chaotic car chase. For some reason, Butters doesn’t make it inside and just dangles from the side of the truck for the entire sequence.

South Park special about ozempic

It really went from 0 to 100. (Image: Paramount+ Australia)

The evil Cereal Mascots track down the truck and shoot to kill. Twinkie the Kid gets sliced in half, Cocoa Puff’s Sonny The Cuckoo Bird is in a helicopter using a machine gun and Frosted Flakes’ mascot Tony the Tiger kills Kenny. 

Cartman’s Cereal Bombs

Cartman tests their homemade Ozempic’s effectiveness by creating a Cereal Bomb, something he likes to eat while on the toilet. The original Cereal Bomb includes Cocoa Puffs, Cap’N Crunch cereal, a bucket of KFC and milk, and the boys declare their drug a success when Cartman can’t finish his whole bucket. 

South Park Cereal Bomb KFC

Anyone tempted to make themselves a Cereal Bomb? (Image: Paramount+ Australia)

Later in the episode, when Cartman doesn’t have access to a second dose of Ozempic, he threatens to have an Oppenheimer Cereal Bomb, upping the ante by adding gravy and Twinkies. Finally, he prepares to eat a Stormy Daniels Cereal Bomb, but we’re never told what’s inside. One can only imagine…

South Park: The End of Obesity is now streaming, exclusively on Paramount+. 

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