Lizzo’s Reaction To South Park’s Ozempic Episode Name-Dropping Her Is Surprisingly… Wholesome?

Well, it was about damn time. South Park has referenced Lizzo in its latest episode entitled “The End Of Obesity” and while you’d think it might be an absolute sledge to the singer, it turned out to be a nod to the impact she’s had on body positivity. That’s surprisingly sweet for a show known to take the absolute piss, hey?

On Sunday local time, the 36-year-old singer took to her Instagram to blind react to the clip.

“Guys, my worst fear has been actualised. I’ve been referenced in a South Park episode. I’m so scared,” she said in the video, before watching the clip. Although the pop star was scared, the reference turned out to be kind of sweet.

You can check it out below.

The episode touches on weight loss drugs in a pseudo-infomercial style. It kicks off with the character Sharon Marsh telling Sheila Broflovski about a new kind of obesity drug “for those of us who can’t afford Ozempic and Mounjarao.”

And what is it called? You guessed it — Lizzo!

“Lizzo makes you feel good about your weight and costs 90% less than Ozempic,” the voiceover says as Lizzo reacts, eyes wide.

“In case studies, 70% of patients on Lizzo no longer cared how much they weighed.

“Lizzo helps you eat everything you want and keep exercise to a minimum.

“Some patients report constipation while listening to Lizzo.”

As the clip goes on, you can see the Truth Hurts singer go through a range of emotions; surprise, shock and delight when she realises that she’s not being torn to shreds by the long-running animation.

“Periodt. That’s crazy. I just feel like, damn, I’m really that bitch,” she says after the clip ends.

“I really showed the world how to love yourself and not give a fuck to the point where these men in Colorado know who I am and put it on their cartoon that’s been around for 25 years.

“I’m really that bitch and I tell yall how to not give a fuck and I’m going to keep telling you how to not give a fuck,” she said, ending the video by singing; “Oh, oh, oh, Lizzoooo”.

Well, there you have it. Nice to know that Lizzo is an unbothered gal by the whole thing.

You can check out South Park and the “End Of Obesity” Episode on Paramount+.