South Park Has Been Granted $900M For 14 New Movies Bc Just Like Kenny, The Show Won’t Die

South Park

South Park has randomly been approved for 14 new movies, thanks to a $900 million deal between ViacomCBS and show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show will also continue airing on Comedy Central until 2027, potentially bringing South Park to a total of 30 seasons.

The 14 original South Park movies will be exclusive to streaming platform Paramount+, which means fans of the show will need to fork out those monthly subscription costs if they want to keep up to date with Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny.

I honestly don’t know how 14 South Park movies will even work? The episodes are roughly 22 minutes, so Parker and Stone will need to come up with some pretty hefty storylines if they want the show to be movie-length.

The last South Park movie of course, was South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and was a musical. It also includes my favourite on-screen couple: Saddam Hussein and Satan.

While it seems random to fund 14-fucking-films, it’s actually a pretty good move. Producing an episode of the series is pretty quick, compared to other TV shows. The 2011 doco 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park details the production process involved in creating the show. Just as the title of the doco suggests, an episode of the cartoon only takes around six days to make before it airs hours later.

That’s probably why recent episodes of the show are usually pretty on the pulse with what’s going on in society.

The ViacomCBS deal only secures exclusive rights for the films (not TV shows) though. However, it seems likely Paramount+ will score the TV series eventually.

“Matt and Trey are world-class creatives who brilliantly use their outrageous humour to skewer the absurdities of our culture and we are excited to expand and deepen our long relationship with them to help fuel Paramount+ and Comedy Central,” ViacomCBS executive Chris McCarthy said about the deal.

Paramount+ is set to launch in Australia, August 11.