Every year, we’re blown out of the water by the sheer ridiculousness that is the Oscars gift bags.

Meet The Aussies Whose Invention Made It In This Yr’s Oscars Swag Bag

In 2016, select celebs were treated to a $200,000USD+ swag bag that included boob jobs, luxe vape pens, first-class trips to Israel and personalised M&Ms. You know, just the bare essentials.

This year though, one of the inclusions is a little more down to earth – and a water bottle by a fair dinkum ‘Strayan start-up has made the list.

The MOUS Fitness Bottle (pronounced ‘mouse’) created by Melbourne blokes Jarahad Valeri and Matthew Kempe is being included in the 89th Academy Awards nominees’ swag bags.

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It ain’t just any old liquid holder, either; it’s a protein shaker bottle, water infuser and sleek water bottle all in one. The beauty of this nifty product is that it’s got a round bottom, meaning your protein powder won’t get stuck in any corners and create a hell-raising stench.

Meet The Aussies Whose Invention Made It In This Yr’s Oscars Swag Bag

tfw u open the lid of ur old protes shaker

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Kempe says the inclusion was out of the blue and the start-up “don’t even know where it came from.”

“From our understanding, we know that they found us through Instagram and our marketing; they’ve got scouts looking for unique products. They emailed Jarahad through our marketing side and it went from there.”

71 nominees will cop one of these in their “Everyone Wins” Nominee gift bags, but the 72nd person the founders would love to see rocking a bottle is ya boy Dwayne Johnson.

“He’s a huge influence because he’s into charity and we’re big on supporting others and making sure everyone has a healthy journey. Considering he aligns with our values, we would love to team up with him,” says Kempe.

Each bottle is made from the highest-quality BPA-free, non-toxic materials and you can get your swole mitts on one for a very reasonable $35AUD.

The other treats in the 2017 bag include a luxury vacay to Hawaii, 10 year supply of foundation, a personal in-house sommelier service and cellulite massage mats.

It’s comforting to know that even if Nicole Kidman and Mel Gibson don’t take home awards this year, at least some Aussies will be doing the homeland proud.

Source: Mous Fitness.

Photo: @mousfitness_ / Instagram.