Here’s How 5 People Keep Their Mental Health In Check & Sean Paul Music Is Definitely A Goer

Mental Health

Most people know the regular avenues to take if you want to stay on top of your mental health – chatting to a pro or venting to a mate, exercising (considered torture to some), reading a decent book, racing your pet turtles etc – but people have also crafted their own, unique ways to stay chipper.

After having a significant amount of practice after that year that shall not be named, everyone’s found something that works for them. So, we asked around and got a handful of people’s methods of looking after thyself.

Fair warning: some of these might not seem up your own alley, but, they can serve as inspo if nothing else.

1. Sean Paul and only Sean Paul

When I’m feeling low, I pep myself up by curating a new playlist (jam-packed full of guilty pleasures), and trial it out on a long run around local running tracks. The best part is imagining everyone else on the track is plugged into a silent disco with you, also listening to “Temperature” by Sean Paul on repeat. – Mina

2. Flexing that brain

I do the NYT Crossword. It gives me the satisfying feeling of accomplishing something while distracting my brain and letting me play on my phone (it’s an app). – Alex

3. Rub-a-dub-dub

Over time, I just realised that you’ll never regret staying home, taking a long bath (bubbles and bombs mandatory) and perhaps a glass of red to top it off. – Steff

4. Fresh air

Nine times out of ten, I’ll feel a little less scattered if I’ve gone for a brisk stroll (see: snail’s pace) to clear my head and talk through problems aloud. Just, you know, if you see people walking past you, perhaps don’t talk to yourself out loud. You’ll scare ’em. – Louie

5. A little treat, as a treat

My happy place is the chocolate aisle of any supermarket, I could stand there for hours staring at the mammoth stock of sweets in front of me. If you’re feeling like a treat, just buy it. You have your own adult money now. – Kelly 

If you want a treat but don’t want the instant regret after a big ol’ tub of jelly beans, have a bloody gander at this primo solution:

We’re still talking the heavy-hitters – chocolate, banana, strawberry, coconut – but just a touch less sickly than other sweet food.

You might have spotted the Proud & Punch range quite literally chilling in a freezer near you (check your supermarkets, they won’t be in your actual freezer unless you’ve already bought them), and they’re all treat, no trick.

Coming in hot with a range of Smoothie Pops to cure that creamy craving, Coconut Pops (for the vegans and gluten-free comrades out there) to quench that thirst and Juice Pops for the fam (with no added sugar). You can also chow down on combos like the classic choc and banana, coconut and mango, as well as the latest chocolate and mint or pineapple and lime.

Check ’em out here and stockpile them for your next me-day.