If you’ve been quietly imploding at your desk, repressing *internal screams*, and feeling generally the opposite of adrenaline about life – our sympathies, we hope things get better soon. If you’re looking for an outlet, we’ve heard yoga can be extremely relieving like passing wind in bed or finding out you’ve got an extension on an assignment. And for their final #InfuseYourSummer giveaway, OVI Hydration – the hydration infusion with fruit juice, honey and antioxidants from green tea – are giving one lucky winner just that: total chill and peace of mind. Howzat? See below for details, and in case you haven’t already, fang OVI a LIKE on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram to cover all bases. Last chance, people.

If you’ve ever attempted yoga, you’ll know that it’s not as easy as it looks. Hardly anything is, tho. That’s something you truly learn in your 20s.

Even though it looks like an inconsequential contortion act, yoga – and meditative breathing – can significantly improve and benefit both your physical and mental health.


For those who need more convincing, we spoke to model and #girlboss Pia Muehlenbeck about the yoga workout that inspired her successful sportswear/swimwear line SLINKII Athletic + the best places in the world to switch off and stretch.

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PEDESTRIAN.TV: Yoga can be kind of awkward for a first timer. Can you tell us about how you got into it and what you first class was like? 

Pia Muehlenbeck: It’s always quite daunting, because you don’t realise how inflexible you are. My downward dog looked like an awkward human bridge. But the beauty of yoga is that everyone is like that when you start, so while it seems embarrassing, it’s only in your own head. Everyone else there is just happy you’ve joined the class 🙂 

There are so many different types of yoga, how can people choose the right one for them?

YouTube was great for me, and that’s what I’d recommend. I tried a few different styles online before settling on one I liked.

Do you have any funny yoga stories?

Not personally… but if you get a chance, look up the video of Sophie Monk doing yoga… it’s pure gold. She’s such a legend, and the video is just brilliant. 

Here’s One Fitness Guru’s Secret To Achieving Total Peace Of Mind

What’s your mantra in life? 

Be nice to everyone, especially those without a voice.

What are the health benefits of yoga? 

Where do I start?! Flexibility is the obvious one, but there are so many. Because I weight-train every day, my muscles are always so tight; yoga releases them. But also, unlike “high intensity” training styles, yoga is an opportunity for me to put my phone away, switch off from the world and really focus on clearing my mind and resetting. It’s a beautiful thing and so essential in this busy world we live in. 

What are some of your favourite yoga positions to do and why? 

I love ‘cobra’, because I sit at a computer for a lot of the day. It’s a simple and relaxing way to release tension in my neck. I’d highly recommend it. 

Can you share your top three places in the world to throw down a mat and do some yoga?

Okay, so two of these are in Australia: Byron Bay, and Icebergs in Bondi

Byron is already a super-chill place, so yoga really fits in with the lifestyle of the location. And Bondi is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Pair that with Icebergs and you’ve got an amazing backdrop to do your exercise. When I was in Bali we did yoga on a private beach in Nusa Dua; there is something so magical about hearing the waves in the background as the natural soundtrack for your flow. 

Here’s One Fitness Guru’s Secret To Achieving Total Peace Of Mind

OVI Hydration want to show you ~the ways~ of yoga and set you on a path to chill. They’re giving away a shopping list of calm that includes: 2 x private yoga classes, 1 x mindfulness meditation class, 1 x ayurvedic consultation, 1 x mantra workshop, 1 x chakra workshop and 2 x nights accommodation at a lux hotel in your nearest capital city. 

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Here’s One Fitness Guru’s Secret To Achieving Total Peace Of Mind

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