9 Quintessentially ‘Strayan Workouts To Add To The National Curriculum

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CC: Whoever has the authority to do so.
We beg, we plead, we implore; pleeeeeease add these to the national curriculum of exercise and fitness. 
The following activities are some of the fairest dinkum ‘Strayan workouts to ever exist; they come close to the ever-iconic game of cricket on the street after school. Add ’em to your bucket lists, and Advance your Australian fitness (fair).


If you thought normal spin classes were practically a death wish, ~R.I.P. you~ when you try aqua spin. It’s a workout and a half and it’s already established a fan base in Europe and the U.S. Here’s some Aussie locations you can try if your thighs are feeling a little too pain-free: GET WET & SPIN HERE.
Image: Aqua Studio.


Picture this: you’re peacefully doing yoga on a gorge rooftop that looks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, while the sunset warms your face and calms your nerves. Peak ‘Straya, right? You’re in luck: The Museum of Contemporary Art are hosting their Spring Yoga Series in partnership with Lululemon Athletica every Thursday evening. If you missed out on a spot, don’t let your stress levels rise: there’s plenty of other outdoor yoga classes being offered: by the seain the park and even on a kayak.
Image: Museum of Contemporary Art.


Seriously, look at a map guys. We’re an island. We’re surrounded by tonnes of water – and world famous, good-lookin’ reefs. Of course that means that snorkelling through any of our beautiful reefs is a mainstay Australian experience (but, this includes making sure that we conserve them – everyone deserves to see how pretty they are, including our grandkids’ grandkids.) 
Image: Lizard Island.


In WA’s Ningaloo coast, they will soon be trialling tours that allow people to swim with humpbacks. There’s only a handful of other places in the world that offer this kind of experience right now, including Mexico, Tonga and Queensland. We’re talking a once in a lifetime experience here, ya’ll.
Image: Migration Media/Sunreef.


Contrary to popular international belief, we aren’t bronzed & bleached surfers, but it’s something any self-respecting Aussie or adventure-goer should try, right? Not all of us is gonna be a Layne Beachley or Kelly Slater, but attempting to surf, even if it’s just once, is quintessential. Same goes for stand-up paddleboarding.
Image: Supplied.


In colder parts, snow boarding is all the rage. But, there’s a reason why Mad Max: Fury Road was filmed here: ~Down Under~, we go sand boarding and sand dune quad bike riding. We wouldn’t recommend watching the below .gif before heading to the dunes, though. #Ouch


In all the years we’ve lived here, there’s never been a shortage of new places to hike, tracks to trek, fresh air to breath. We’ve got a helluva lot of ’em. It’s easy to forget how bloody beautiful our native flora is, but hiking some of Australia’s best trails will remind you quick-smart. 


Hang out with ya mates and take advantage of a home amongst the gum trees by visiting one of our several tree-top adventure parks. Climb like a koala; float like a Sugar Glider; leap like a wallaby; fly like a fox. WARNING: you will sweat. Like, a lot. 
Image: Tree Top Safari.


In a modern world that has created ‘sand gyms‘ and ‘sand treadmills‘ to crete the feeling of running on sand, why wouldn’t you want to try to real thing? That slightly frustrating yet victorious feeling you get when you run out of the ocean along a bank of sand cannot be beat. It makes sense to do in ‘Straya, where we have sand and gorge beaches in abundance, right? That weird treadmill could never compare. 

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Lead image via 4WD in WA.