Here’s A Guide To The Healing Powers Of Crystals, If You’re Into That Kinda Thing

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Hello, dear reader who is curious about healing crystals. Firstly, let’s ignore the people in the comments who are no doubt mocking these semi-precious gemstones and their ~positive energies~. If they don’t want to believe, FINE. But you’re clearly here because you’re the endlessly open-minded Mulder of this situation.

me when people say “lol at this crystal bullshit, great fucking journalism PTV”

For many centuries, people have believed that crystals have certain healing powers. While it’s obviously not an exact science, some folks swear by certain stones and the “energies” they bring if you sleep with them near you or under your pillow, carry them around in your pocket, or even put them in your water for a gem-fused hit of hydration.

If you’ve heard a bit about healing crystals, have a few annoying ailments and want to try an alternative method of maintaining optimal health, then maybe it’s time to hit up your local hippie store. But it goes without saying that if you’re seriously unwell, go and see a doctor or health professional. Crystals should not be your only form of medical treatment.

Now, I myself love a crystal. Do I swear that a small bag of mystical stones healed my cat’s mystery illness back in 2017? Yes I do (I’m positive it wasn’t the $6k worth of vet visits at all). So I’ve rounded up some healing crystals that are said to help with some pesky health issues.

Common Cold

There’s no cure for the cold, and aside from prescribing bed rest, a lot of water and vitamin C, your doc will probably be at a loss to help you too. You can always try your luck with healing crystals to see if that does anything to clear your nose and put out the fire currently raging in your throat.

Moss Agate: This green stone is thought to have anti-inflammatory powers and help with colds, flu and other viral illnesses and boost the immune system.

Jet: The black, coal-like stone is said to lessen glandular swellings and pain and help with headaches and upset stomachs.

Green Fluorite: It’s believed this stone can help heal infections and boost the immune system.

Period Pain

If you’re one of those lucky people that has to deal with menstrual cramps, you will have already tried all the usual suspects: hot water bottles or heat packs, painkillers, avoiding caffeine and going for walks. But it’s believed certain healing crystals can also help with your period woes. Place them on top of your tum and manifest the menstrual hell away.

Chrysocolla: Believed to be the “stone of wise women”, Chrysocolla is said to help with both PMS and period pain, as it apparently works against muscle spasms.

Moonstone: Another “female stone”, this one helps with PMS and pain. Additionally, it is thought to help with all kindsa lady issues like fertility, breast health, and regulating hormones.


If you’ve ever had a UTI you’ll know how annoying and painful they can be, and while getting some cranberry into your system can certainly help, believe it or not some healing crystals are actually known for being particularly beneficial for bladder health. But remember to hit up your GP to properly diagnose a UTI and assist if they become prolonged or frequent.

Aquamarine: This pretty stone is said to support the body’s cleansing organs.

Aventurine: This stone is thought to have beneficial effects on the urogenital system.

Citrine: This orange crystal is believed to help with treating infections in the kidneys and bladder.

Aching Muscles

New year, new you etc, right? If you’ve attacked 2019 with particular gusto in the exercise department then you’re probably paying for it a day or two later when your glutes are so sore you have to drop onto the toilet instead of sitting down gradually like a normal human. Well apparently, these crystals can help you be less Tinman-like.

Lodestone: Also known as Magnetite, this stone is believed to have anti-inflammatory powers and is used to treat muscular strains and cramps.

Serpentine: The green version of this stone is said to aid with body aches and pains.

Haematite: This shiny stone can apparently help with energy levels and fatigue, and well as backaches.


I know I only slept for 3 minutes last night, and it’s not because I have a raging social life — it’s more like a) my room is either 2000 degrees celsius or minus 2000 degrees celsius at all times and b) my body is tired but my brain is always, ALWAYS ready to unpack all of my worries at 11.30pm. If you struggle to have a restful night’s sleep, some people believe that tucking these stones under your pillow or having them on your bedside table can help.

Chrysoprase: This bright, apple-green stone is said to be calming and promote relaxation and restful sleep.

Rose Quartz: One of the loveliest healing crystals with many nice benefits (it’s thought to be the stone of love), this pretty pink gem is thought to help with sleep as it relieves stress.

Amethyst: This v. common purple stone (which looks very aesthetic in a cluster) is known as an all-healer and has just general health benefits. Sleep-wise, its rep as nature’s tranquiliser can help put your mind at rest.

Once again, healing crystals should only be an addition to your life, not your only medical treatment. You should visit a GP for any health concerns, especially if any of the above conditions become chronic or severe.