A Crystal Expert Told Us How To Harness Each Stone’s ~Energies~

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

If you don’t have a rose quartz or amethyst sitting pride of place on your dresser or sideboard, are you even a 20-something living in 2020? The rise of crystals kind of came out of nowhere – no longer are they just something your Aunt Shirl had adorning her Nimbin home. These days, they’re one of the cheapest, easiest ways to turn your living room into something off the most beautiful Tumblr account.

But aside from their visual appeal, crystals actually *do* have different energies. Well, if you believe in that stuff, they do – nothing’s been proven, but I for one am firmly drinking that crystal-energies Kool-Aid – so I’ve enlisted the assistance of Rock + Co founder Rachel Crethar to give us the low down on what all those pretty rocks are meant to be bringing into your home.



Most people start with a clear quartz – they’re phenomenally beautiful, and on the cheaper end of the scale when it comes to crystals.

“It’s said that clear quartz absorbs, stores and regulates the energies around it, making it perfect for manifesting your dreams into reality and clearing any unwanted negative energies,” says Rachel. “It’s also an ideal companion during meditation, study or times you require focus.”


Known as the “stone of love”, rose quartz is all about transforming negative emotions like anger, resentment and sorrow into – yep, you guessed it – love.

It’s meant to bring you closer to forgiveness of family and friends, so if you’re having housemate dramas or going through a break-up, maybe a giant one of these babies can heal up all that neg energy.

“Rose quartz attracts intimacy, and helps form closer bonds with family and friends, while overall increasing relationship harmony and contentment,” says Rachel. “It also plays an important role in increasing self-worth, self-esteem and personal fulfilment.”


This is known to be the stone of spirituality – according to Rachel, the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Buddhists used this stone to enhance intuition and find a deeper understanding of themselves. So if you’re in a bit of an introspective place in life, plonk a solid amethyst in your room.

“Amethyst is known for its metaphysical ability to still the mind and emotions, allowing you to feel clearer, grounded and content,” says Rachel. “Many people believe Amethyst to be a natural stress reliever, encouraging inner strength and mental clarity. It’s great for people wanting to achieve personal goals, or inject more creativity into their business.”



This pretty, sunny stone turns that frown upside down – that is, it’s meant to help you find positive outlooks in life, and give energy to strengthen your willpower and determination. It’s known as the ‘stone of the sun’ because of it’s yellow-orange colour.

“Ideal for anyone wanting to grow their wealth or start a business, citrine can help you manifest this by increasing your imagination and strengthening mental clarity,” explains Rachel. “This makes Citrine a great desk companion.”


If you’re studying like mad, get some green calcite STAT. It’s the stone that supposedly promotes memory, creativity, intelligence and general energy around learning and insight.

“Emotionally, Calcite is a wonderful healing and grounding stone boosting emotional intelligence and clearing any negative energy,” says Rachel.


Arguably the prettiest crystal of them all (seriously, that blue colour), celestite has a rep for being a powerful healing stone, restoring inner balance and helping to resolve conflicts. It’s also meant to be super calming, so a nice one to have ’round if you’re feeling tense.

“It is said celestite can encourage mental clarity during times of stress and promote an overall feeling of peace, instilling confidence that everything will turn out okay,” says Rachel.



If you feel like life’s thrown you a bunch of crap lately and there’s a lot of unresolved emotional stuff, malachite could be your bb. It’s known as the stone of transformation and protection, and it’s said that it helps create change by releasing pent up negativity you’re holding onto. NICE.

“Malachite would be the ideal stone for your desk to increase confidence or creative inspiration,” says Rachel.



This guy is an interesting one. It helps to cleanse, purify and transform dense energy, but it also helps eliminate fear (excellent if you get hectic night terrors), boost self-confidence and encourage good luck and happiness. A great all-rounder. On top of all that, it’s also used to protect against electromagnetic “smog” from tech.
“You can use Black Tourmaline to protect your home by placing one in each of the four corners of your house,” explains Rachel.



If you’re wanting a solid self-esteem and confidence boost, pop one of these babies on your bedside table or work desk. Selenite’s known as the ‘lucky’ stone, and apparently helps give you mental clarity so you make great decisions and have less confusion.

“It can also remove energy blocks in other crystals and stones, meaning it can be used for clearing and charging them by simply placing one on top of the selenite,” says Rachel.


Feeling some strong creative blockage? Pyrite is your guy. It’s said to promote intelligence and creativity via strengthening the mind and increasing optimism.

“It’s perfect for those wanting to tap into their potential, helping to feel more confident and assertive,” says Rachel.

Picking up a few of these after reading this? Get ’em ready to deliver the goods by cleaning them. Bear with me here, coz this is the wild bit.

The most common ways to do this are running them under water, burying them in earth, or putting them in a cup of uncooked brown rice or salt. You’ll also want to ‘charge’ your crystals to get them in top energy form by putting them under the light of the full moon overnight each month.

Not convinced? Welp, at least you’ve discovered some more super pretty stones for display purposes only, right?