Born In Summer? Science Says You’re A Finer Specimen Than The Rest Of Us

If you’re a summer baby, with a D.O.B. that lies sometime between December and February and a residential address in the southern hemisphere, there’s new research to suggest you’re superior birth date is far-superior to all others.
A study by Cambridge University in the UK claims babies born in the hot months grow into healthier, stronger and taller adults. 
Author of the study, Dr John Perry, explains that the biological phenomenon may be a result of greater exposure to sunlight:
“We think that vitamin D exposure is important and our findings will hopefully encourage other research on the long-term effects of early life vitamin D on puberty timing and health.”
If conception is a conscious decision for anyone reading, the sweet spot for the fertilisation of A+ humans is March, April or May.
If you’re a summer baby, go thank your ‘rents for getting it on at the optimal time, thus producing the Best Person Ever – you.