Science Has Officially Figured Out What Squirt Juice Actually Is So We Can All Cum In Peace Now

Researchers in Japan have been doing Hot Science Shit AKA investigating what happens when people with vaginas squirt during sex. Nobel prizes all around!

The info has come from a small study that looked at five people with the ability to squirt. A huge shoutout to them and their contributions to science.

Now, there have been a couple of historical studies on the topic because frankly, who can resist?

A 2015 French study suggested some squirt was a mix of urine and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) from something called the Skene’s glands, which are on either side of the urethra. They sussed this out by collecting participants’ pee before sexual stimulation and then testing their ~ejaculated fluids~ to compare. Five of the seven participants had PSA in their ejaculated fluid.

This new study took things a step further: the scientists emptied participants’ bladders with a urethral catheter and injected a mix of saline and blue dye. Basically, it’s the first report to enhance the “visualisation of squirting”, which is a phrase I would like included on every research grant.

Lo and behold: the squirt fluid came out blue in every participant, confirming that the bladder is the source of squirting. I! Love! Science!

In four of the five test subjects, the fluid also had prostate-specific antigens.

So, the researchers concluded that “the main component of squirt fluid is urine, but may also contain fluid from Skene’s glands (female prostate)”.

This research helps visualise and back up the findings of the 2015 French study. Researchers in that study found despite the participants peeing beforehand, their bladders refilled right before they orgasmed. But after squirting, their bladders were empty.

“[The Japanese study] confirms that squirting does seem to originate from the bladder,” said Jessica Påfs from Sweden’s University of Gotherburg, per The New Scientist.

“But there are still so many questions, like does the liquid have the same composition as urine?

The New Scientist also distinguished between squirt fluid and “ejaculate” — i.e. the “thick, milky fluid” that comes from the Skene’s glands.

It said the mix of urine and PSA in the Japanese study suggests that for some people, the clear squirt fluid mixes with this ~milky ejaculate~ in the urethra. Sorry for making you read the words “milky ejaculate” but ultimately, this is science.

And no, it seems squirting has nothing to do with incontinence or bladder control.

I may be an arts girlie, but here I can safely say: invest more in science.