5 Lil’ Things You Can Do This Summer To Ensure You’re A Hygiene Lord & Not A Sweaty Grub

Summer has basically descended upon us, and I, for one, can’t wait to embrace the welcomed frivolity of the season completely. However, unfortunately for us, Summer means battling with intense humidity and heat, which can be a recipe for a complete sweat-drenched, hygiene disaster.

Now throughout this year, you’re not alone if you’ve maybe let some of your grooming habits go – lockdown/iso was prime time for getting away with wearing the same stained trackies for a week straight.

But, now that we’re free to socialise (while meeting restrictions) in the hot weather, you might want to reassess a few of your hygiene habits to ensure you’re staying fresh throughout every summer arvo sesh/beach activity/ gathering you attend.

Dunno where to start? Here are a few tiny things to incorporate into your routine.

Lather Yourself In A Signature Scent

There’s nothing sexier than someone with a signature scent. It exudes “I have my shit together” energy that’s off the richter scale.

Lather it on before you head everywhere. You’ll want people to know it’s you before they even see you. Have it on hand at all times and people will know for a fact that your care about your own manscaping.

If you’re looking to nab a signature ~aroma~, suss out something with a warm, full-bodied smell (like Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million, that’s got hypnotic notes of plum, hazelnut and cedar), pair it with shower cream and aftershave lotion, and bob’s your uncle.

It’s honestly what I imagine Drake smelt like when shooting the cover of ‘Take Care’.

Actually Take Showers After Swimming Bc Swimming Doesn’t Count

I hate to break it to you, but the act of submerging yourself in water (swimming) does not count as a full body wash.

Remember when Kramer wanted to create a male perfume that would make the wearer smell as though they’ve just come back from the beach? Horrendous.

Sorry, but the smell of seawater, old suncream, and beach bathrooms will stick on you for ages, so washing it off is imperative to maintaining some semblance of cleanliness.

Pls Refrain From An All-In-One Soap

No, you cannot use the same soap for washing your hair, face and body. It does not work like that.

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and face wash are all completely different games, and they need to be individually respected. Treat yourself with a whole dang new showering shebang while you’re at it. It’s almost 2021, and we all need to do everything we can to wash the trash of this year away for good.

Avoid Polyester Because It’s A Ticket To Sweatsville

Opting for linen and cotton fits over summer to give your skin the room it needs to breathe is probably one of the smarter choices you can make over the season if you’re looking to avoid sweat patches.

Materials like polyester will stick to your skin and attract moisture like crazy, so try to avoid wearing them on especially muggy days.

Linen shorts and cotton tees are everywhere at the moment too, so it’s not like your options are limited either.

Moisturise For Heaven’s Sake

I feel like women have moisturising drilled into them from day dot, but for dudes, it’s a different story. Sometimes I’m convinced guys could have skin flaking off their limbs like cake crumbs and they still wouldn’t think to moisturise.

The Summer heat mixed with alcohol consumption and swimming in chlorinated water is primed for sucking any bit of moisture off your skin for months on end. So seriously, moisturise, your skin will glow and you’ll always give off the vibe that you’ve recently bathed which is always a posi sign.