If Ya Need A Pick-Me-Up, Check Out This TikTok Account That Rates The Goodest Of Good Boys

dogs being good

I don’t think I need to tell you that things aren’t entirely peachy in the world right now. And while it’s important to be clued in about what’s going on, I think it’s equally important to digest content that helps you unwind. For me, it’s the weekly wrap-up of dogs being good by TikTok account @WeRateDogs.

In case the name sounds familiar, We Rate Dogs started as an X account back in 2015. The creator was an American guy called Matt Wilson who was in college at the time. He noticed that his tweets about dogs did better than all his other tweets so he literally just started rating dogs.

Since 2015, it’s become a whole thing with 9.2 million followers on X, and a further 2 million on TikTok.

But the content that really brings me joy is Matt’s weekly listing of dogs around the world who are just super sweet and nice. So in celebration of how great dogs are, I’d like to share with you some stories of pups from Matt’s vids that really are doing the lord’s work.

Some dogs who joined an orchestra

In September, the Danish Chamber Orchestra decided to perform a piece by Leopold Mozart called the “Hunting Symphony” in the middle of their show. Before they began, the audience watched on as three dogs and their owners walked on stage. When the tune began, and the conductor pointed to the dogs, they began to bark. And it’s all part of the show!!!

Mozart – who was apparently a dog lover – had written dogs into the score along with hunting calls and gunshots to create a sonic environment of the hunting field. According to the website Symphony, most orchestras opt for recordings of dogs but this time around the conductor Adam Fischer wanted to bring a live element to the show.

“The dog handlers waved their arms like conductors to encourage their dogs to bark whenever Fischer gave them the nod. They kept plenty of snacks in their pockets so they could reward their dogs,” Fischer told the website.

The dogs’ names were Cookie, Sophus and Sica and they earned rank number three that week for their musical contribution.

The dogs who saved a 2 Y.O. toddler

There would be nothing more terrifying for a parent than to discover that your two-year-old toddler had wandered off from your home into a woodland area. Thankfully for a family in Michigan, the toddler was followed by their two dogs Rottweiler Buddy and Cockerspaniel Hartley.

After 15 minutes of frantic searching, the mother called the police and a search began. Four hours after the search began, they found her almost five kilometres away from their home. She was using Hartley as a pillow as Buddy watched over them and found to be in good health.

“She has those dogs wrapped around her little finger. They come to her calls over our calls. She still has no idea the amount of fear she put in me that night. I’m just thankful the dogs never left her side,” the mum told WeRateDogs.

Good boys!!!!!!!

Meet Mayor Max

You know, people always argue that elected officials never do enough for the community. But in the town of Idyllwild California, their mayor is extremely more beloved than most. His name is Mayor Max III and he is a golden retriever. He’s just completed one year in office and in that time he’s achieved a lot. He makes daily visits to the town centre for pats and discussions about policies, and visits hospitals, schools and nursing homes.

Mayor Max is a great example of how you should dress for the job you want. You can always spot Mayor Max sporting a spiffy tie – one from his collection of 3000.

His chief of staff April Mueller says he takes his job very seriously but did note that he had a minor setback when he ate three of his ties in his first month in office.

It happens, buddy, don’t worry about it.

Odin skips around the world

The dog of the week doesn’t have to do a big feat like becoming a mayor or saving a child. Sometimes, it’s as simple as the four-legged dude putting a camera with a fisheye lens in his mouth and running around a vineyard.

Odin did just that and it looks like he’s running around the world. The flat earthers are in shambles, the vibes are high and thriving.

Thanks Odin!!!!

The pup who was rescued from a hot car

Call me dramatic but I’m fairly sure there’s a special place in hell for people who leave dogs in a hot car. Sadly, that happened to a tiny dog named Riggs with temperatures in the car reaching a whopping 48 degrees Celsius. But thankfully, he was rescued and quickly adopted by the East Haven Fire Department.

He’s now the station’s support dog and he helps the firefighters unwind after a stressful day on the job. After all, they have a lot in common. Both Riggs and the firefighters can withstand scorching temperatures.

Well, there you have it. I know I’m feeling a bit more optimistic. If you still need a bit of a pick me up, just scroll through WeRateDogs’ TikTok.

Thank me later.