A Pup Was Reunited With His Owner After A Car Crash Separated Them For 3 Months & Brb, Crying

clancy the dog was reunited with his owner jane errey after car crash

A woman who was in a devastating car crash with her blue heeler — and certified good boy — has finally been reunited with the pooch three months after the wreck. I wasn’t expecting to start my Monday with literal tears of joy but here we are.

Jane Errey and her two-year-old pup Clancy had been separated for three months after Errey injured her spine in a nasty car crash in Coral Bay, WA.

When passerbys arrived at the crash site to help Errey, Clancy became scared and ran off into the wilderness, where he became lost — and Erray was too injured to go and find him.

His disappearance was all the more concerning given the wild packs of dingoes, 1080 poison baits and large kangaroos in the area, especially because Erray herself was out of action.

In a wholesome turn of events though, the search for Clancy was taken up by dog lovers across the state, with Leah Price driving 500 kilometres and camping in the bush to help find him. Sometimes humanity is actually good and beautiful, ya know?

With Price’s help, Clancy was miraculously found safe and sound seven days after disappearing into the bush.

However, it wasn’t for almost three months that he would be able to see Errey again, who was undergoing rehabilitation for a fractured vertebrae. But when the moment came last weekend, it was truly special.

Jane Errey and Clancy, reunited. Image: Facebook / Jane Errey

“I’m a bit more overwhelmed than I thought,” Errey told ABC News.

“I think he probably took a while to realise it was me and that I had come back.

“It’s just so good. I knew he was in good hands, but it’s a bit different when you actually get to see him.”

Errey isn’t fully healed from the crash yet, but with Clancy by her side again, things are looking up.

“I think it’s going to be a little while before things are all as they used to be, but … the future does look good and I’ve got my boy,” she said.

Don’t ya just love happy endings?