FEELINGS: Moment Refugee Family Meets ABC Journo Who Reunited Them

A few months ago, the ABC became aware of Nazieh Husein, an 62 year-old Syrian refugee who had lost his family, and made the promise that they would help him reunite with them.  

ABC correspondent Sophie McNeill found Husein sobbing by himself on a beach on the Greek island of Lesvos, in September. He told her this:
“My wife and my kids made it to the shore yesterday and I got separated from them, but I am here now.

I wish to see them again. This is my only wish in life.”
All odds were stacked against them, but Leigh Sales presented a happy ending tonight: Husein has finally been reunited with his family, who are in Germany.

While his family have now said he is never allowed out of their sight again, Nazieh said this about his experience as a refugee:
“I call it the death journey and if I knew that it was that hard, I wouldn’t have done it. Little children walking alone at night, at dark, mothers missing their kids, kids crying, “Mum! Mum!” I had no idea where we were going at night and for how long we were walking.”
Image & story via ABC 7:30