Melb Tram Driver Pulls Adorable April Fool’s Prank On Passengers By Making Them Fix The ‘Stuck’ Tram

A Melbourne tram driver pulled a cheeky April Fool’s prank on his passengers and gave everyone a good giggle for their daily commute.

One of said passengers shared the clip to the subreddit r/melbourne and captioned it: “Getting ‘stuck’.”

In the video, the tram driver stops midway through the journey and informs the passengers that there’s been a bit of a snafu and the tram can’t move.

The bloke clearly went to NIDA because he did a fabulous job of selling the joke, committing to the bit, pulling a fast one — however you wanna put it. The acting chops were just top notch, seriously. Logies, here we come!

The video starts with the driver running through the tram in a panic, before enlisting a few passengers to help get the tram unstuck.

He says to the passengers standing in the in-between bits of the tram that connects the carriages: “When I say jump on them up and down really hard, I need you to do that.”

Melbourne tram driver

Sounds legit to me! I 10000 per cent would have fallen for this as well. (Credit: Reddit)

“The plates are locked and I reckon that’s how it’s gonna unlock them,” he said.

“It’s just a problem I can’t fix by myself.”

The confused passengers complied with his orders, bless ’em, and they all jumped out of unison, hoping to get the mighty beast back on track.

In the background, you could hear a woman cackling — was she in on the ruse? Or was she, too, in hysterics over seeing folks desperately try to move the vehicle by jumping?

After repeating the action a couple of times, the tram suddenly starts moving, presumably because the driver put an end to the ruse and hit the accelerator.

Reddit pic

The way those feet barely left the ground. (Credit: Reddit)

At this point, he decided to let the passengers in on his little prank.

“I think there’s two reasons why it didn’t work,” he said.

“One: the plates are up. And two: April Fool’s!!!!!”

The entire carriage erupted with laughter as they realised they’d just been played by the jovial driver. Got ’em!

Watch the full vid below:

Folks in the comments have applauded the cheeky driver for his top notch prank.

“Funny! Cute! So in character for Melbourne,” one wrote.

“Legend. Harmless fun. Love it,” wrote another.

“Well played, sir!” wrote a third punter.

Bless this man for giving everyone a much-needed chuckle to break up their day.