Maisie Williams Used Her Acting Powers For Evil With A ‘GoT’ April Fool’s Prank

With very few exceptions, April Fool’s jokes fucking suck. They are bad. They are not good. Half the time the prank only works because you are betraying the trust of the joke’s intended audience, and the other half it’s a brand offering something that would kick ass, before revealing that they simply won’t be doing it. Not good!

[jwplayer wVWyAnB7]

What makes an April Fool’s joke good, rather than just annoying, is an element of something impressive. Something that would have required patience, craft, and careful planning. Something like using your unholy acting talent to briefly mortify a TV audience.

What makes Maisie Williams tricking a Tonight Show audience into believing that she inadvertently slipped a huge spoiler to Jimmy Fallon all the more impressive — as anyone who has ever seen any SNL skit with Fallon in it before — is that Fallon cannot act. He can’t even keep a straight face. And yet he somehow managed to facilitate an entire minute or so where he very almost looked genuinely panicked as an anxiety-stricken Williams runs offscreen. I guess this is growing up.

Watch as Williams seemingly runs afoul of the secrecy strongmen at HBO before coming back for a charming reveal: