McDonald’s Simply Must Make Their ‘McPickle’ April Fools’ Prank A Reality

It’s an established fact that, as far as brands are concerned, there are three types of April Fool’s pranks:

  1. Really, truly, horrifically piss-awful jokes – all atrociously conceived and executed – consisting of about 99% of all April Fool’s output
  2. Occasionally half-funny gags (rare)
  3. Actually good ideas bizarrely trying to masquerade as a prank

On point the third, McDonald’s Australia has hit the bullseye on the dartboard thanks to the creation of the McPickle.

[jwplayer DT3cU4a2]

While conceived as a funny joke meant to linger no longer than a few hours, the McPickle has caused a real rumbling amongst hungry punters, all of whom have been very clear with their demands: The McPickle must be made real, it must be made now, and it must be given to me at once.

It’s not like it’s unachievable either; the burger is merely a Big Mac-style triple decked sandwich with cheese, sauce, and an absolute treasure trove of pickles. It is the briny Shangri-La, and it must be placed forcefully into my mouth.

Since posting the so-called “prank,” enthusiasm for the picklish burg has come in thick and fast, in various forms and of wildly varying enthusiasm. But largely, the response can be summed up in one breath thusly:

Agree. McPickle.

Far beyond being just “a cheeseburger with no meat or onions,” this picklish bullshit is the fever dream of any self-respecting maniac drifting along at 3am, tanked to the ears on fire up juice and fanging for a salty sanga.

It is the beautiful reward that anyone who’s ever sadly looked at a self-serve screen fully aware that “extra pickles” doesn’t really mean “EXTRA pickles” rightfully deserves.

The only prank in this scenario is the cruel promise of bulk gherkin being callously ripped away.

Do the right thing, Maccas.

Make the McPickle real, and shove it into my goddamned face.