Survival adventure game We Happy Few has been granted an R18+ rating in Australia after a review by the classification board, meaning it will indeed make its way onto our shelves and/or online stores.

The game puts players in a dystopian world drawing inspiration from Brazil, 1984, and Brave New World where they will attempt to escape without arousing the suspicion of the other citizens around them.

The title was initially denied classification thanks to the in-game use of the fictional drug ‘joy’, which can provide beneficial effects to the player – something the classification board is not a huge fan of, thanks to the message it supposedly sends.

In a statement, a three-member panel of the Classification Review Board unanimously found that the drug use in the game constituted a ‘high impact’, which is the upper limit allowed for a game to receive a rating in Australia.

The game will hit shelves with consumer advice that it contains ‘Fantasy violence and interactive drug use.’

Image: We Happy Few