‘Outlast 2’ Will Not Be Banned In Aus, Despite Its Rating Refusal Last Week

Last week, horror video game Outlast 2 was refused a rating by the Classification Board, meaning the game would not be released in Australia

Following a review of this decision, the game has now been granted an R18+ rating and will continue its release on the 26th of April. 
According to the game’s creators, Red Barrels, “there will only be one version of Outlast 2 available worldwide”, suggesting the same scenes of implied sexual violence are still featured in the game. 
Here’s a little reminder of what we’re talking about.
“As Blake yells for the creatures to “Get away from her!” a female creature, her greyish breasts bared, pushes him onto his back, holds his arms to the ground and repeatedly thrusts her crotch against him. As Blake protests, saying “No! Stop that!” the creature thrusts again, before placing its face over his midsection and then sitting up and wiping its mouth.” 
The Classification Board, however, lists the version as MODIFIED, so either they have changed it, or have perhaps implemented changes for all countries. 

Generally, a modified version of the game would be submitted for review, as was the case with South Park: The Stick of Truth and Left 4 Dead 2.
PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out the Classification Board for comment on the review and why they decided to change their original decision.
As a fan of the game, it’s great to see I’ll actually get to play it, but considering the reasoning behind the refused classification, I’d be surprised if it was rated without some kind of amendment. 
Either way, I look forward to shitting my dacks when it is released.
Source: Kotaku
Photo: Outlast 2 / Red Barrels.