Eagle-Eyed Gamer Points Out The ‘Outlast’ Zombie Is Tony Abbott’s Twin

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you can’t make this shit up.

Twitter user @AgingGamer just pointed out that the cover art for Outlast, a 2014 survival horror game where you battle zombies-like creatures in a mental asylum, looks suspiciously like former PM Tony Abbott.


DEAD. MO’FKN DEAD. Like a xenophobic zombie locked in a mental asylum, Twitter has slain us.

Those who are more into gaming than this writer (a.k.a. Vice) allege that a number of the “lumbering homicidal patients” ALSO look a lot like our former Prime Minister.

Tony Abbott has yet to comment about his physical and metaphorical resemblance of himself to a zombie, and probably won’t from now till the end of time.

But how about that death cult, hey?

Story: Vice.