Luigi, the plumber and ghost-hunter of Nintendo fame, is dead. He was 35.

The latest trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate shows Mario’s lanky brother lurking around a haunted castle before being attacked by, uh, Death. Footage shows the lord of the underworld swing his scythe at Luigi’s green overalls, instantly rending his soul from his body.

After Castlevania champions Simon and Richter Belmont arrive in the scene to banish the evil spirits, Luigi’s soul can be seen returning to its fleshy mortal prison. Unfortunately, Luigi’s revival seems to have been sidetracked by the arrival of series baddie Carmilla. 

The shocking scene comes as part of Nintendo’s latest video update on the upcoming brawler, which also features new information about new stages, abilities, and menu options.

That’s all well and good, but the death of Luigi  – a character who became a foundational part of Nintendo lore since his arrival in 1983’s Mario Bros. – is still an enormous blow to the fan community.

Supporters of the moustachioed bastard have responded accordingly.

Still not as disrespectful as what Nintendo has done to Waluigi, but whatever.

Image: Nintendo / YouTube