How many songs do you know that were inspired by the iconic 90s TV show, Round the Twist? I’d wager that number is incredibly low, but here’s one for your list. 

Perth punk rock band Furniture released Pete’s Song back in January, inspired by a scene from the series involving a leprechaun and some rain clouds. The band say they wrote the song after getting totally fucked up one afternoon. Classic.
Even cooler still, the song has a bloody game and you can play it right now. It’s called Derek’s Gonna Make It Rain and It features the hectic lighthouse we all know from those late-term afternoons where your teacher couldn’t be fucked teaching. Pete’s Song serves as the game’s soundtrack.
“Inspired by a scene from season 3 of cult Australiana TV show Round the Twist, Derek’s Gonna Make It Rain places the game’s namesake on a tumultuous lighthouse, not unlike the structure from the Round the Twist’s opening credits,” the band said. 

It’s called Derek’s Rain Simulator on the actual site though, so maybe there’s been a name change or something. “Derek the Rain Maker is making it rain and Pete has to save the day with his little Irish friend,” says the page. 

The game was made by the band’s guitarist, Aaran Gicquel, and works on touch screen devices as well as your classic keyboard and mouse. 
You can give it a whirl right here
Source: Kotaku.
Photo: Derek’s Rain Simulator / Aaran Gicquel.