After so many torturous delays, the long-awaited Uncharted movie – based on the Naughty Dog video game franchise – finally has a release date. Expect to see it in cinemas December 2020… unless more shit hits the fan.

The Hollywood Reporter – so you can trust this – says the news was part of a bunch of Sony release date announcements made on Thursday.

The Uncharted movie has dealt with its fair share of disastrous hell since being in development, re: losing three directors. In December 2018, then director Shawn Levy dropped out for another film by 20th Century Fox. In early 2019, director Dan Trachtenberg stepped in to salvage the ruins. His works include 10 Cloverfield Lane and the 2016 Black Mirror episode Playtest. According to THR, the latest draft of the movie adaptation is from Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker. 

Spider-Man‘s Tom Holland will star as a young Nathan Drake so as you can probably guess from that choice of casting, fans will be copping some sort of prequel to the franchise.

Once again, in case you still don’t believe it, Uncharted is set to actually hit US cinemas on December 18, 2020. Australia will probably cop it around the same time. Its current release date means it’ll be pitted against Steven Spielberg‘s West Side Story remake which we’re sure all the blue tickets will be watching closely.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Image: Uncharted