If Pokémon GO or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite just isn’t doing it for you anymore, another location-based game could be coming to your phone soon. Dragon Quest Walk is, as the name suggests, a mobile game based on the popular Dragon Quest franchise.

How it plays isn’t entirely known just yet, but it looks like it’ll use your phone’s augmented reality capabilities, as well as include some kind battle-based stuff. It’ll come to iOS and Android devices in Japan later this year, and hopefully everywhere else soon after, but no solid release date has been given at this stage.

You can suss out the trailer for yourself below.

Now, I’m not at all familiar with the Dragon Quest games, so most of this looks kinda strange to me, particularly the weird-ass roving coffin casually gliding down the street.

‘Dragon Quest Walk’ Is The Latest ‘Pokémon GO’-Like Mobile Game To Emerge

Yep, normal stuff.

From the very brief snippet of gameplay we saw at the end there, it looks like you’ll be using a map similar to Pokémon GO and perhaps some turn-based combat, but who knows how that’ll pan out. It’s also unclear how the AR stuff will function, but I doubt it’ll be anything like the trailer.

As far as location-based gaming goes, it seems par for the course, and I will say, it looks way better than Pokémon Sleep, a concept which only fills me with a deep rage. If you missed it Pokémon Sleep will be released alongside the Pokémon GO Plus+ and is essentially a glorified sleep tracker. In other words, it’s a Pokémon game you play by sleeping, which hardly makes it a fucking game.

Either way, I don’t think we’ve seen the end of walk/sleep gaming integrations.

Image: Square Enix