We know, we know – it’s been delayed for like, the last gazillion years. 

But it’s now being reported that the ‘Uncharted‘ movie is happening, it has a director, and new release date. 

Hell Yeah, The ‘Uncharted’ Movie Is Finally Happening & It Has A Director

The long-awaited movie adaption of the hugely-popular game will be directed by Shawn Levy, who’s most recently busied his calendar with directing episodes of Netflix‘s ‘Stranger Things‘. (He’ll also be directing episodes in season 2, as well.)

The current script draft for the ‘Uncharted’ film was written by Joe Carnahan, who also had an eye to direct. Instead, he chose to helm the new ‘Bad Boys For Life‘ film with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

In early stages of the movie production years ago, Mark Wahlberg, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci were all slated to star in the movie with David O’Russell directing. 

Wahlberg confirmed he was playing lead character Nathan Drake back in 2010, which was followed by stories of O’Russell being accosted by fans demanding that Wahlberg be dropped and Nathan Fillion be given the role.

Hell Yeah, The ‘Uncharted’ Movie Is Finally Happening & It Has A Director

There’s currently no news on who will be cast as the fortune hunter. 

Source: Deadline.

Photo: Uncharted.