James Franco has just been awarded the 2018 Golden Globe for best actor in a musical or comedy, thanks to his instantly legendary The Disaster Artist portrayal of The Room‘s director and star Tommy Wiseau. 

But his acceptance speech only served to deepen the mythos of Wiseau, thanks to an impromptu mic-grab from the bloke himself.

After grabbing brother and co-star Dave Franco and hurtling onto the stage, James also waved up the raven-haired Hollywood outsider. To immense cheers, Wiseau wished his impersonator congratulations – and then instinctively reached for the microphone himself.

After being gently shoved away, Franco went on to recite Wiseau’s own words on being shunned from previous awards shows. It was a moment that spoke to the kind of drive and desire that’d motivate the fella to grab the mic during someone else’s acceptance speech.

It also served to demonstrate the divide between A-lister Franco and the misunderstood auteur, and a significant number of viewers wish Franco’s spectacled muse was offered the opportunity to speak for himself.

2018 is wild already, friends.